Welcome to day 1. I was able to find some strategies to remember hiragana and katakana, mnemonic devices. When I was researching on how to learn new languages, a large quantity of resources pointed to using mnemonic devices when you are introduced to new languages that use different script(s) then your native script(s). I was also able to find many websites and apps that purely try to help you on learning Japanese. I will be giving credit to these websites and apps since they will be helping me on this journey.

I also did try studying hiragana since I was able to find out that it was the easiest to remember and the most used script in Japanese. I was able to learn about 15 of 46. I am trying to learn the actual hiragana before learning stroke order. Yes, you heard me right, there is a specific way you must write each and every character of the Japanese language. So I must remember the stroke order of the 46 hiragana, about 46 katakana, and just a bit over 2100 kanji. The kanji is going to be hard, but I can do this.

Resources that I am using:

  • (Probably the most helpful of the bunch, it has so many lessons you can take it is insane, and it has already seemed to amaze me. You should definitely check this one out!)
  • (Not as fun and interactive as these other resources, but extremely helpful, it helped me understand what path I should take when trying to learn Japanese.)
  • Anki (Computer application that helps you remember anything, in this case I am using it to help me remember Japanese hiragana, and possibly more scripts in the future. You can use add-ons created from other users that gives you a course to help remember Japanese so you don’t have to make one.)
  • Duolingo (IOS app that helps you learn new languages, I picked Japanese in this case. It is very helpful, it makes the learning seem fun.)
  • Memrise (Much like Duolingo, except it has different learning modes and small games here and there that makes the Japanese learning process much more interactive and fun.)
  • Innovative (An IOS app the is linked with to help you learn Japanese on the go straight through their lessons.)

See you tomorrow!

DAY 1/156

P.S. Feel free to use the resources above to learn Japanese for yourself!